High-quality Outdoor Religious Marble St Francis Sculpture with Bird Supplier CHS-711

High-quality religious statues of St. Francis of Assisi are being sold in You Fine. If you want to donate a sculpture for a church or put it in your own garden for decoration, this sculpture would be a great choice.
Item No: CHS-711
Type:Marble Catholic Statue
Material:Grade A Natural Marble
Transport: By Sea/Air
Characteristic:Vivid/ Durable/ Artistic
Sea Port: Tianjin Port

Religious Marble St Francis Sculpture with Bird Supplier Detail

St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, the catholic church movement, and of San Francisco and the natural environment in the United States. He called the sun, wind, and fire his brothers, the moon, stars and water his sisters and the earth his mother, and St. Francis saw their light, beauty, and nourishing power with the eyes of the heart. Therefore, future generations worshipped him as a modern ecological and environmental protection sage. He loved even foraging birds, frozen bees, and hungry wolves because St. Francis considered all things to be brothers and sisters of man. This St. Francis Marble Sculpture is made of high-quality marble material of high quality. Also, this religious St. Francis is a great decoration for a church.

Marble Religious Statues
Marble Religious Statues

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In addition to our Religious Marble Statue of St. Francis, there is Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph, St. John, Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Michael, etc. In addition to figure sculptures, we could also make other religious objects such as altars, pulpits, baptismal stations, etc. We could customize it according to our customers’ requirements. Our factory has years of experience in producing religious sculptures, and our master workers all have over 20 years of experience.

St. Francis Marble Sculpture
St. Francis Marble Sculpture

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Religious Marble Statue of St. Francis
Religious Marble Statue of St. Francis

Would this marble St. Francis sculpture catch your eye? We have many other designs for religious sculptures and those interested in religious sculptures could feel free to contact us.


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