Life Size Marble Jesus Statue Outdoor Decoration Factory Supply CHS-809

YouFine Sculpture is a very experienced and professional sculpture vendor, especially specializing in manufacturing all kinds of religious marble statues. We have many hand carved natural marble statues and also accept customization, please contact us to know more.
Item No: CHS-809
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Grade Marble Stone
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Hand Carved and Polished

Jesus Statues Overview:

This Jesus statue is life-size and you could put it anywhere you want. It is hand-carved by our masters so it is very exquisite, which is not just a decoration, but also an artwork. Our Jesus statues are made from natural marble so they could be reserved for one hundred years, even longer. And the marble Jesus statues is very suitable to be placed in sacred places such as churches, and also suitable as a high-end gift to friends and family.


Life Size Marble Jesus Statue Outdoor Decoration Factory Supply


Use Grade A Natural Marble:

The marbles of our Jesus statues are all first-class natural marbles, the colors and textures are very beautiful, and it feels like a baby’s skin. And it can withstand bad weather like wind and sun and can be preserved for hundreds of years. The characteristic of natural stone is that each stone is unique because of its unique natural texture, just like there are no two identical snowflakes in the world.


Life Size Marble Jesus Statue Outdoor Decoration Factory Supply


Wonderful Hand Carving:

Our sculptors are all masters with more than 30 years of experience. So the hair and beard of this Jesus statue are very detailed and lifelike. The folds of the clothes and the accessories on the chest are also very natural, bringing out the reality and greatness of Jesus. Before carving, the masters will first make clay molds. We would only start carving after the finished clay mold is available for your inspection and your approval. So we could guarantee to the greatest extent that the finished Jesus statues could get your satisfaction finally.


Life Size Marble Jesus Statue Outdoor Decoration Factory Supply


A Lot of Purchase Options:

We support customization so we could make all kinds of sculptures for you. The size, color, design of the Jesus statues could all be changed according to your needs. If you have a good design or drawing of your own design, you could also send it to us, and we would make it for you. In addition, we have a professional design team so we could make design drawings and effect drawings for you free of charge. This will make it easier to choose a suitable design to match your placement.


Life Size Marble Jesus Statue Outdoor Decoration Factory Supply


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