Life Size Catholic Natural Marble Saint Anthony Stone Statue Manufacturer CHS-253

Life-size St. Anthony marble sculptures are hot off the presses. This sculpture is an excellent decoration for a church.
Item No: CHS-253
Type:Marble Catholic Statue
Material:Grade A Natural Marble
Transport:By Sea/Air
Characteristic:Vivid/ Durable/ Artistic
Sea Port: Tianjin Port

Natural Marble Saint Anthony Stone Statue Detail

St. Anthony, a Catholic saint, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Born into a wealthy family, he was sent at the age of 15 to the convent of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, then the capital of Portugal. This Marble St. Anthony Sculpture is made of high-quality marble and then goes through a series of complicated procedures such as high polishing, so the quality is excellent. This religious sculpture is suitable to be placed in a church, and of course in your own home for prayer.

Marble St. Anthony SculptureMarble St. Anthony Sculpture
Marble St. Anthony Sculpture

Why Choose You Fine

You Fine Art Sculpture has the reputation of “Sculpture Township” in Qu Yang, Hebei, with the largest factory in Qu Yang, Hebei. Our factory has more than 30 years of production experience, our workers and masters have more than 20 years of production experience, so we are very professional in marble making design. Our factory can produce a variety of Marble Religious Figure Sculptures, in addition to marble St. Anthony sculpture, but also Jesus, the Virgin, St. Francis, St. John sculpture, and other marble religious figure sculptures. Our company can also accept customized services, if you have your own design, we can do it according to your requirements and provide you with our most professional advice.

Life Size Marble St. Anthony Sculpture
Life-Size Marble St. Anthony Sculpture

Packaging and Shipping

Our packaging is also sturdy. The wood is 3 cm thick, twice as thick as regular packaging. For different items, we have different packaging solutions that can protect beautiful items during transportation. As for the transportation of the Natural Marble Saint Anthony Stone Statue, we generally choose to ship it by sea, or we can choose other transportation methods, such as air. Our nearest port is Tianjin, China, of course, if you choose another port is also possible, for the usual figure sculptures we can ship within 30 days.

Natural Marble Saint Anthony Stone Statue
Natural Marble Saint Anthony Stone Statue

Do you like this marble St. Anthony sculpture? Please feel free to contact us if you like, we are always waiting to serve you.


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